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Trail Dreams: The Ted Tempany Interview

December 22, 2016

Made famous in several mountain bike films and countless web edits, Squamish trails; Half Nelson and Full Nelson, have become known worldwide. Their builder, Ted Tempany and his team, however, have remained somewhat in the shadows of their creations

Ted is the owner and founder of Dream Wizards, a professional trail building company, and can be found at the end of a shovel or at the controls of one of his machines most days. His machines have threaded kilometer after kilometer of brown ribbons through the green forests of Squamish.

Hey Neighbour Big Red Ted

April 05, 2015

“Everyone loves Tonka toys. Well, now I get to spend my time in Tonka trucks all day, everyday. What a life!”


‘Big Red’ Ted Tempany is grinning from ear to ear as he lowers the arm of his digger and plucks a big clump of alder root from the ground and tosses it into a pile. He’s as giddy as little boy in a sandpit as he shows the awesome power of his favorite excavator. This one he’s even named. “Honey Badger smash” he cries out as another enormous cluster of alder roots are extracted from the overgrown skid road he’s reclaiming.

Up and Down Squamish

January 05, 2015

After the Dream Wizards team spent several weeks pushing the connect trail 'Tinder' across a recent clear-cut. Dream Wizards team member Sid Slotegraaf puts together an epic loop from his front door. 

Sid Slotegraaf Rides Half Nelson

March 26, 2014

The legendary trail Half Nelson trail in Squamish has received a lot of love this spring. Trail building giants Dream Wizards have logged several weeks of excavation, shoveling, raking, and tamping, to bring this 3 kilometer downhill pump track to the next level. Half Nelson is a half hour climb from the pull off on Ring Creek FSR. It is a multi-skill level trail and has over 70 berms, 50 drainage features, 100 jumps, and nonstop line choice with more options than a grocery store candy aisle. It’s a mountain bike flow trail in the forest with rollers, doubles, triples, and table tops.

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